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Obtaining actionable insights through research


This is the human side of research - less about the numbers and more about the people – their context, opinions, behaviours and reasonings. Our qualitative research covers reviews, exploration, interviews and observations. 

Expert Reviews

Expert reviews are a fantastic, cost-effective way to uncover key UX issues on your site or platform. This is often the first port of call for clients looking to improve their product's UX.


Depth Interviews

An incredibly good research method for gaining important insights into how your customers use and feel about your product and, most importantly, why. With a clear understanding of the end-user, we can help you make informed design decisions. 

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Contextual Enquiry

We go where the users are and observe them interacting with your service or product. This could be places like their home, place of work or place of leisure. Why? Observing them in context provides a wealth of insights that you simply cannot get through other forms of research. Some of our most innovative and successful projects have come about thanks to the insights generated through contextual enquiries. 

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Competitor Reviews

Competitor reviews are useful for benchmarking your current offering. They are helpful in identifying the varied solutions to challenges that your organisation may also be facing. We assess competitor products and services against a set of criteria and produce a comprehensive report which includes a score or rating. Competitor reviews are useful in getting the lay of the land, but we steer our clients away from blindly following competitor solutions.

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UX Workshops

We can plan and facilitate a number  of UX-related workshops, including: Persona Generation, Experience Mapping, User Story Generation and Ideation workshops.

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This is all about collecting and studying larger samples of data and identifying trends, opinions, results and behaviours through statistical analysis.


Data Analysis 

We focus primarily on site and app analytics data. We review and analyse this data and provide reports that identify pain points, trends, site demographics and user behaviours – all of which feed into our UX solutions.

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User Surveys

Designing good surveys is a skill. A poorly designed survey will result in low completion rates and low quality data. We help our clients create effective surveys that user's won't find a burden to complete

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If you have a design or UX challenge that you think we can help you with, please  send us a project request for a no-obligation proposal.